Bimatoprost – Side Effects & Precautions

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Bimatoprost is one of the top eyedrops considered safe and effective for the treatment of eye conditions with Glaucoma and increased pressure.

It helps in the reduction of the pressure in the eye, eliminating vision problems caused by damage to the optic nerves. Bimatoprost solution helps to increase natural fluids in the eye, into your bloodstream that help to maintain the right pressure in the eye. 

Bimatoprost is also well-known to treat people with eyelash hypotrichosis, inadequate lashes, or not enough lashes conditions. It is one of the most recommended treatments by an ophthalmologist for promoting a good number of eyelashes. The serum is applied to the upper eyelid margin only with the help of the applicator. 

The medication is FDA-approved and is proven effective for the concerned patients. You can buy Bimatoprost online and from pharmacies as well. Purchasing from legit websites will avail offers and good discounts. Bimatoprost eye drops must be used as per the prescribed directions suggested by the doctors only for getting the best results from their use. It is only approved for use in adults.

Bimatoprost Side Effects

  • Common side effects- redness and itchiness of the eye, blurry or double vision for a temporary basis, mild headache, etc.
  • Uncommon side effects- feeling chills, having a sore throat, difficult colour perception, lack of eye strength or weakness, and eyelash improvement.
  • Rare side effects (consult a doctor) - hypersensitivity towards brightness or sunlight, eye strain or intense pain, excessive discharge or discomfort, long-term disturbed vision, eye comfort.

Precautions To Be Taken

Do not harm your the eyes after the use of the eye drops with reading, watching tv and mobile screens, etc type of activities that causes eye strain. Avoid activities that require eye concentration like driving or the use of dangerous machines or harmful equipment. You might experience blurry vision and a heavy head that can lead to unwanted accidents.


The medication is not recommended to start or stop without the medical supervision of a doctor. High dosage or sudden withdrawals of the medications may cause complications to the eye condition and vision. People that use contact lenses are advised to remove their eye lenses before administrating the eye drop. You should wait for at least 15-20 mins before re-inserting them after the use of eye drops.


Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Who should avoid the usage of the bimatoprost eyedrops?

Bimatoprost eye drops must be avoided if the patient is allergic to the component of the medication. It is also not advised to be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

  1. Can increasing the dosage increase its effectiveness?

Eye drops must be used only as directed by the doctor. An increase in the dosage can cause side effects to trigger and can lead to complications in the eyes. 

  1. How long does it take for Bimatoprost to show its results?

With the proper bimatoprost treatment, you will get relief with a reduction in the pressure within 4 hours of the eyedrops used and the action stays for 24 hours long.