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KuCoin has been providing users with great opportunities to test their trading skills and take them to another level. Browse here to get more details.

With advanced trading features like trading bots and margin trading, KuCoin has been providing users with great opportunities to test their trading skills and take them to another level. Not just advanced trading features, the exchange also charges you comparatively low fees and is pre-equipped with a great crypto selection. Although 1 out of 4 traders in the world is using this exchange for basic or advanced-level crypto trading, you also need to understand the fact that it is not available for usage in any of the United States.

But, keeping that fact aside, if you are someone who is living outside the USA, then you are eligible to set up your profile on this exchange. When you first create your KuCoin Login credentials, you are provided with the opportunity to earn 500 USDT as the sign-up reward.

Whether you are an experienced trader or someone who has just started to invest in crypto, this exchange is the best fit for all of us.

Key takeaways from the KuCoin exchange

After you have set up your KuCoin login account, here is what you can do:

  • Use your account to trade with around 200 crypto assets that too at a very low fee i.e. 0.1% fee per transaction
  • You can also undergo futures trading and buy your favorite crypto by using supported fiat currencies
  • Use different payment methods such as P2P fiat trade or credit/debit card to trade crypto
  • Contacting KuCoin support is also a great option when you run into trouble
  • When it comes to providing security to your account, it uses bank-level security measures
  • Along with Futures trading, Margin trading can also be undergone from your KuCoin login accounts
  • Having a look at its platform, we can say that it has a very user-friendly and intuitive platform

The guidelines to open an account on the KuCoin exchange 

Before we tell you anything about the quick and easy KuCoin Login process, please have a look at the process to sign up for an account:

  1. To initiate the process, please visit
  2. Do you see the sign-up form? If yes, start adding the requested data to it
  3. Undergo the verification process and set your login password for the KuCoin account
  4. Those who have the referral code can feed that too and tick the user agreement box thereon
  5. Click the "Sign Up" button to finally set up an account and complete a few more steps to sign up

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KuCoin login- The steps to access your account

Post account creation, you can go ahead with linking a payment method to your account and start trading right away. Now that we have successfully set up our accounts, let's check out some details on the KuCoin login procedure.

  1. Access the login page via
  2. Choose the sign-in method- email, phone, or QR code
  3. Enter the data in their respective field and click "Log In"


Being a flexible and intuitive platform, anyone who is a non-US resident can use this platform to enjoy a wide range of trading services under one umbrella. Just remember your KuCoin login password and username to access your account from anywhere. Apart from being a great platform for beginners, it also has got great advanced-level trading features for professional users.