Buy Electric Scooter in Hyderabad

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Franklin EV is an electric vehicle company which provides a platform for people looking to buy an electric scooter in Hyderabad.

Three questions to yourself before you buy an Electric Scooter



There was an exponential advancement in the automobile industry in the past few decades. The lack of public transportation has resulted in the boom of private automobiles plying on the road. The younger grownup population of metropolitan towns like Hyderabad prefers two-wheeler-like bikes and scooters to go back and forth. According to Senior transport officers, there is over 1 crore two-wheeler in Hyderabad, which account for more than 70% of the entire vehicle populace in the town. With the rising fuel costs and carbon emissions, it's far a clever choice to switch to an electric-powered vehicle which is an eco-friendly alternative. Especially in a city like Hyderabad, buying an electric scooter might become quite a task, given the number of suppliers in the city. If you want to buy electric scooter in Hyderabad you must answer a few questions before deciding on the available options.


  • Why select an electric Scooter?
  • What's the reason for purchasing the vehicle?
  • What features are you looking for?


Why choose an Electric Scooter?


Personal vehicles have become a necessary evil; one cannot do away without them. Buying an electric vehicle will reduce your carbon footprint and make your commute more comfortable. Electric scooters make less noise than petrol-driven vehicles and require less maintenance. As fuel prices are shooting up due to a shortage of supply, electric scooters are the alternatives that can cut down on monthly costs. Petrol prices in Hyderabad have been one of the highest in the country, and buying an electric scooter in the city will save a lump sum amount. To give a brief comparison between using a petrol-driven scooter and an electric scooter, if you were to drive a petrol-driven scooter giving a mileage of 50kmpl for 20 km every day in Hyderabad, it would cost you around Rs.1400 per month with the current petrol prices while traveling the same distance on a 1500W electric scooter would cost you only around Rs.90.


What is the purpose?


Buying vehicles has become a significant decision in most middle-class households, so defining the purpose of buying the vehicle becomes essential. Most electric vehicles available in the market have not been designed to be driven at high speeds. Hence, they can be used for short journeys like traveling to offices or colleges within the city.


What features are you looking for?


The available options for electric scooters in the market provide various features, and you must be sure of the features you require. The choice also depends on the purpose to which the vehicle is required to cater. There are various features available for the scooters like GPS and Navigation, WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, digital speedometer, and braking system. It is also essential to check the vehicle's power, battery capacity, and speed range. Thorough research has to be done before making the choice.


If you buy an electric scooter in Hyderabad, some websites systematically compare the different models available so buyers can make an informed decision. With an emphasis on clean energy globally, there have been a variety of innovations in appliances and automobiles running on renewable energies. Hence, this is the right time to switch to electric vehicles and contribute to the EV revolution in the country, which is projected to take leaps shortly.