Advanced Automobile Technologies 2022

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Self-Driven Cars in future
Self-Driven cars no longer needed drivers and internet-based with Artificial Intelligence Algorithms. Software Developers, Mechanical Engineers are behind the technology to make comfortable to the travellers and to avoid the danger occurrences in Self-Driven

Self-Driven Cars Safety

Advanced technology always safest implemented in recent cars. Now a days smart cars like Tesla moving with advanced car technology with software. Advanced technologies will become bulk of production in future.

Drunk and drive car detection

Innovation of new technology if a person drives a car with alcohol advanced cars can do alcohol detection device installed in a car key. This new technology key can determine if the driver is drunken, the car electronics will not allow the engine to start. Car control panel will show the level of alcohol.


Car Speed Auto Control


Adaptive control is regular cruise control. Adaptive cruise control keeps vehicle at a set speed. Literally, it slows down or it will accelerate to keep safe distance from front passing car.


Gesture control car functions


Car functionality Gestures will read the moments of hands to control to increase the volume of the sound, call receive or reject and switch the channels of car player.







Types of Headlights


The technology to give concentration to Darken areas of the road. New car models are implemented into different car models.

Halogen is most common headlights for economic Dubai rent a car. It has a glass capsule filled with halogen. When the driver turns a light on electricity passes and heat generates the filament inside the bulb starts to glow. New technology available for rent a car in Dubai. Enjoy the advanced cars technology.


LED most of the companies are preferring for LED headlights they help to lowering the electricity

Matrix LED camera mounted at front to monitor the vehicle pass from front, then immediately the chip turns to individual LED off. So, no need to switch to low beam.


Laser lights most expensive it uses in Luxury cars. Broad lighting with 600 meters on road.


Digital Door Key

Smartphones can store a Digital car key. This technology allows the user to open and close the doors in a car and it also useful to start the engine.

Digital Keys are embedded in Economy cars. Renting a car in UAE providing advanced implemented car technologies.  Digital key can be transfer through the internet and the customers can pay car rental in Dubai online.


Non-freezing glass

Advanced invention an indispensable tool for car. There is a spray that will protect the windshield and side windows from getting covered with fog or ice, and which will also repel fog.





Car intelligent tinting technology


Intelligent vehicle glass is an incredible technology for car to tint the windows by just a touch a button. This works by electric current that runs through a car windshield.


Even though intelligent car glass is usually reserved for luxury cars, but now possible for any economic cars to obtain this type of upgrade.


Advance tinting glass able to change light transmission depend on weather conditions. Based on excessive sun light. Rent a car in Abu Dhabi  



Tires technology

Tires technology of reading information about tires condition. The driver will receive notification about the condition of the car’s tires for changes. Tire technology also provides the road condition.

Run-flat technology let the drivers to sustain air loss due to any puncture or cut in tire, for safe side 50 miles tire will sustain to reach a safe location so that driver can change the tire.  Now you can Rent car UAE