Lithium Battery Cell made in China

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Lithium Battery Cell made in ChinaLithium Battery Cell made in China

Lithium Battery Cell made in China 1.Wide range of lithium batteries(3.2v-72v, 5ah-500ah) to choose from 2.Use high quality a grade prismatic cells. More than 3000 cycle life. Up to 7-8 years lifespan. 3.Can offer 2-5 years warranty. 4.Fast lead time.We have some batteries in stock and semi-finished batteries. 5.Can customize many specifications as you require. 6.Free technical support,provide efficient battery solutions. 7.Free silk print your logo and OEM 8.Help you to choose the most cost-effective shipping way. Product Description ModelCY-3.2V 100Ah Standard Voltage3.2V Capacity100Ah or CUSTOMIZED Impedance鈮?.3m惟 Standard Charge Voltage3.65V Standard Charge Current0.5C Continuous Discharge Current0.5C Peak Discharge Current1C Charge Temperature0-45掳C Discharge Temperature-20-55掳C Storage Temperature-10-35掳C Cycle Life鈮?000 Times WeightAbout 2.6kg or CUSTOMIZED Dimension48*174*170mm or CUSTOMIZED Features 1.High Energy density 2.long cycle life: 4000 cycles and more 3.Ultra safe Lithium ion chemistry(no thermal run-away, no fire or explosion risks) 4.No memory effect, highly efficient, charge anytime 5.No lead, no heavy metal, no toxic element 6.Excellent temperature robustness(-20鈩?up to +55鈩?) 7.Support parallel and series 8.Constant power during discharge(very low internal resistance) 9.Energy efficiency96% 10.Very low self discharge(3% per month) 11.Passed ISO9001,CCS, IEC62619, MSDS, ROHS, UN38.3 and UL. Product picture Applications This battery module is suitable for many new energy vehicles: pure electric car, pure electric sightseeing car,pure electric forklift car, pure electric special vehicles.Lithium Battery Cell made in China website: