How to tackle the “Coinbase not working” issue?

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How to tackle the “Coinbase not working” issue?

You might have heard that Coinbase is the most secure and reliable platform and provides a seamless experience without any clutter.

Don’t worry, it is not a myth but it is a fact that we all know well and also experienced. Now, the matter of the fact is, the ability to provide a seamless experience can’t provide you with the license of not getting any obstacles ever.

Why is it so, you may ask?

Well! It is because you can’t say anything about generic issues such as a server down due to congestion of traffic, a problem with internet connectivity or your own device issue.

Well, these hindrances are not predictable but at the same time easily resolvable as well. So, if you are also a Coinbase mobile app user or Chrome extension user, and getting the “Coinbase not working” issue, you should keep in mind that there is nothing to worry about, you can easily wipe out these obstacles. Wondering, how to do so? Follow me further.

Tips to resolve the issues on the Coinbase app

As we know, Coinbase allows you to use all of its functionalities on the mobile app as well so trading is just a game of your left hand. But, if you are experiencing any issues, you may try these tips to clear the clutter.

  • Switch off your mobile and on it after some time.
  • Try switching the internet from WiFi to mobile internet or vice-versa.
  • Update the operating system through your mobile settings or using the in-built mobile app store.
  • Install the recent version of the application.
  • Go to “Settings” “App management”, open the Coinbase app and clear all the cache.
  • Reinstall Coinbase after uninstalling it.
  • Try using Coinbase by using its Chrome extension if it is not working on your mobile.

Clear out the Coinbase not working issue on desktop

  1. Turn on your device after turning it off.
  2. Update the operating system as well as the Coinbase Chrome extension if available.
  3. Disable and re-enable your browser extensions.
  4. Try using Coinbase in private or incognito mode.
  5. If you’ve lost access, you may reset the password.

Bottom Line!

If your Coinbase is stuck and showing the Coinbase not working error, you may try the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips. But, if you are still not able to resolve the issue after implementing all of these generic tips, you can approach the Coinbase support team which is available for its users to provide 24*7 assistance.