Can tourists’ trip to Syria

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After the last breakfast in Syria, we’ll return to the hotel or airport. This marks the conclusion of our services for the trip to Syria. You will be on your way after this.

Can tourists’ trip to Syria? You can, indeed! Many people are shocked to learn that, before the war, Syria was one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the Middle East. Unsurprisingly, tourists flocked to the nation because it is home to amazing people and numerous ancient treasures. Syria is a country rich in history. You may discover much about the current issue and the history leading up to and after it if you visit there respectfully. The news won’t tell you that. Like any other city in the Middle East, Damascus, the capital, is relatively safe. Like Aleppo or Homs, Damascus is a bustling metropolis unaffected by the conflict. However, the economy isn’t visibly doing well, which makes wintertime power outages a worry.

DAY 1:

We will start our trip to Syria by The Via Recta (straight street), the first stop on the Damascus city tour, which is referenced in the Bible. We’ll go to the impressive Umayyad Mosque with Salah Ad-Din’s tomb and the Azem Palace, home to the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions. The chapel of St. Ananias, constructed in the first century, will be our next stop. Then you can shop in the Souk before passing the Church St. Paul’s Window to complete the day.

DAY 2:

We will start this day with a hygienic and healthy breakfast. We will tour the National Museum and contemporary areas on this day. This museum is one of the best in the world, but because of the situation, fewer people have visited it than they otherwise would have. Going to this museum is a memorable experience. The museum presents items that vividly and elegantly depict Syria’s millennia-long history. There are so many of these magnificent artifacts—some of which are shown in the garden, which is worth a visit in and of itself—that many of them are genuinely impressive. I’m hoping a lot more people will soon be able to appreciate this fantastic location.

DAY 3:

This day will begin with a sanitary and nutritious breakfast. Then we’ll go by car to the holy city of Saidnaya, one of the Middle East’s most deeply established Christian cities. The well-known town of Maaloula may also be considered at this point. It is a charming town around 60 km from Damascus, where people continue to use Jesus’ native tongue, Aramaic. Mar Muzza. After that, we’ll travel to Homs and see St. Elian and Um Zinaar churches. These churches are renowned for their history and beauty and are among Damascus’ most well-known.

DAY 4:

We will take a hygienic breakfast before starting this day. After seeing St. Elian Church and Um Zinaar Church (also known as the Lady’s Belt Church), we continue our tour of Homs by traveling to Hama, where we will see the water wheels, the Khaled Ibn Al Walid Mosque, and the souks. We plan to spend the night in Aleppo.

DAY 5:

After breakfast, we’ll see Aleppo’s Citadel, a magnificent example of Islamic military architecture, the Omayyad Mosque, which was demolished and lacks a minaret, and a section of the 11-kilometer-long fascinating covered bazaars, where we may locate the city’s oldest soap factory.

DAY 6:

After a hygienic breakfast, we will drive to Krac des Chevaliers, the best-preserved Crusader citadel in Syria. It is a priceless location rich in history. After that, we’ll go to the contemporary hotel Villa Rosa in Al Mishtaya, where we’ll stretch our backs.

DAY 7:

On this day, we’ll leave early for Palmyra, one of the most stunning and impressive cities, where you can still see remnants of Baalshamin’s stone, a straight street, a theatre, the wall of the Bell Temple, the Valley of the Tombs, and the Agora in addition to 35% of its original structure being destroyed. Then we’ll finally return to Damascus. Then we’ll spend the night there, and it will be the last day of our trip to Syria.

DAY 8:

After the last breakfast in Syria, we’ll return to the hotel or airport. This marks the conclusion of our services for the trip to Syria. You will be on your way after this.