What online fraud schemes are connected to Ledger.com/start?

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What online fraud schemes are connected to Ledger.com/start?

Nowadays, it is incredibly simple to fall victim to any internet hoax. There are numerous frauds that customers fall for every day. Most often, young people are the targets of these cyber-attacks. Young people are constantly looking for quick ways to get money, which is why this is the case. The perpetrators are also aware of it. They therefore create the plans that will draw them in. They typically display certain signing bonuses, discount deals, etc. in the plan.

These kinds of scams also take place in the crypto industry. And the cons usually happen in the name of crypto wallets. So, today we are presenting you this blog, in which we will talk about the type of tricks that traders fall for. The users who have downloaded the application using Ledger.com/start are facing the issues of cyber-attack because they are opening the unofficial links without checking.

What are the types of cybercrimes?

We will now take a look into the fraudulent cases that must have occurred at least with one user daily. Below are those mentioned cases:

  • The Ledger wallet users might receive the message of validating a transaction by downloading its application and then doing the Ledger Live login. But you should know that any downloading link other than Ledger.com/start is fake. The message you have received is just a way to get your login details and nothing else.


  • While working on your Ledger you might see a message that your wallet account has been deactivated because of some reasons. But you must know that the Ledger does not have the power to deactivate or block your account. So, any request you might receive for account re-activation would be bogus.


  • When in a hurry, users might not check the links they are opening especially at the time of account setup. Because at that time the users are already confused about its setup so they do not pay attention to the links they are opening for installing the Ledger live application. Keep in mind that the link is Ledger.com/start and nothing else.


  • You might receive some kind of pretended email that will say it is officially from Ledger Wallet. In situations like this, you have to be very beware of the domain name being fake. So think thoroughly before entering your Ledger Live login details anywhere.

Final Views

Hence, we tried to tell you about some of the major cyber traps, and to not fall into any of these traps is completely up to the judgments made by the trader. As there is nothing else we can do for you. You can get to know about the prevention schemes or the type of phishing attacks from anywhere. But, in the end, the choice of the user will be the final decision. If even after knowing the varieties of cybercrime you get trapped in one, then it is completely your fault. We tried to warn you about the Ledger.com/start-related scams that are occurring in the market. While making any transaction you have to pay utmost attention and if you see any kind of suspicious activity then you must report it to the support system.