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make a hook bottom box. The better function paste box machine can also make hexagonal and opposite sex boxes, but it needs to be equipped with a glue spray system and other devices.

In the packaging and printing industry, the application of the folder gluer is the final process of packaging box processing. It is to fold and print the printed and die-cut cardboard, and paste the paste. The machine paste box replaces the manual paste box method, which reduces the labor costs increase efficiency. The parts of the folder gluing machine are divided into a paper feeding part, a pre-folding part, a hook bottom, a forming part and a box pressing part. According to the function, the folder gluer is divided into a smooth paste folder machine, a hook bottom paste folder machine, etc. The general folder paste machine does not have a groove bottom function or even pre-folding, and a better one is pre-folding. Of course, most of the current folder-gluing machines There are pre-folding. Of course, you must use a groove bottom paste box machine to make a hook bottom box. The better function paste box machine can also make hexagonal and opposite sex boxes, but it needs to be equipped with a glue spray system and other devices.

The die-cutting table of the flatbed die cutting machine and the shape of the cutting mechanism are flat. The die-cutting plate is fixed on the flat plate table and the processed sheet is placed on the press plate. When working, the die-cutting table is fixed, and the pressure plate moves back and forth through the crankshaft connecting rod, which makes the plate table and the pressure plate clutch continuously, and each time the die-cutting is realized. Flatbed die cutting machine consists of a feeding part, molding part, discharging part, and some automatic cleaning device.

With hot foil stampers, you can achieve both. Nothing beats the accuracy and reliability of the automatic hot foil stamping machine in creating clear and accurate packaging. It works on paper, cardboard, corrugated board, plastic sheets, and many other types of materials. The machine is also used for banknotes and other types of commercial printing.

Manual creasing and die cutting machine is professional in producing kinds products of plastic, car inside decoration, leather, cloth neck and colorful carton box such as overlay film. This machine casting is made by the most advanced tech of nation, thus conquers many drawbacks such as changing shape and casting thin and thick. What's more, this machine shaft and gears of 40Cr adopt heat dealing materials, and gears adopts high accurate gears, angel change position designing, occlusion better, high strength, low noise and run stably.

Semi-automatic flat bed die cutting machine is widely used for many material and industries: Abrasive, automobile components, bag, ball, cardboard, carpet, cork, craft, epe, eva, fabric, felt, fiber, foam, garment, gasket, glove, label, mesh, o-ring, paper, plastic, rubber, sandpaper, shoes, etc. There are two ways of tray feeding optional including double sliding working tray feeding or single sliding working tray feeding. The cutting bed size can be custom build for different cutting requirements.

Flute laminating machine features the function of automatic feeding bottom paper, frontage pushing face paper, feeding paper fast and lower work intensity. Localization bottom never goes beyond, which is suitable for laminating the paperboard together and for laminating the paperboard with the A/B/C/D/E corrugated cardboard together. For fore-and-art adjustment, bottom paper and face paper can be easy to laminate together. Feeding glue system is automatically controlled by liquid relay. What's more, thickness of glue can be adjusted.

thermal film laminator is a machine that utilizes rolls of film coated with a heat-activated adhesive to laminate or mount projects. The resulting plastic coating not only protects documents from the elements and normal wear and tear but also enhances the look and feel of a finished project.

The manual film laminator is designed to provide reliable lamination of dry film photoresist to inner layers, multi-layers, single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards, and chemical milling parts. The new design of lamination rolls guarantee a better uniformity of the pressure. In addition, the unit is pre-set either to install a DYNACHEM wet lamination module or the tacky roller cleaning unit module.

Semi automatic film laminating machine is a competitive laminator which is designed and manufactured elaborately based on the combination of advanced technology of the international similar products and the manufacturing experience of about 30 years. It is of high technical content, excellent quality and original appearance. This machine is a kind of dual-function product which is for both pre-glued and glueless film. It is of compact structure, easy operation and high degree of automatization. All the main components adopt the international noted brands. The electrical and pneumatic devices are controlled by PLC system, and can be operated by only one person. The operator can realize both laminating and separating processes at the same time as long as the size of workable paper is input on the text screen.

Automatic thermal film laminator equips with the automatic sheet feeding, film laminating, drying, automatic sheet separating by chain knife and automatic sheet stacking stations. It is suitable for thermal film and glue-less film lamination. It can be used for postcard, poster, magazine, book, color box, paper bag, etc. . Equipment appearance professional industrial design and spray-paint process make the laminator practical and beautiful. High quality pneumatic conveying paper feeder features 4 suckers for lifting paper and 4 suckers for conveying paper to ensure stable and fast paper feeding.